PulseIQ’s smart thermostats for multifamily buildings increase NOI & property value

Energy is Expensive. So is Your Time.

PulseIQ’s patented mesh-network thermostats were created to solve the unique problems facing multifamily properties. Our thermostats provide actionable data from inside every residential unit, providing our clients with 30% or more in savings on in-unit HVAC energy expenses plus receive utility rebates where available. We help you save money, prevent problems, and keep residents happy and comfortable. Work smarter, not harder, with PulseIQ!

A Modern Energy Experience for Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily properties are facing a perfect storm of financial and operational pressures. They struggle with costly aging infrastructure, competition from more modern architecture, new energy efficiency performance mandates, and a lack of operational visibility.

The question is how can you manage what you can’t measure? When a resident closes their door, their unit becomes a black box. PulseIQ’s thermostats open the black box using the power of IoT and data to make invisible problems visible, and therefore manageable.

Actionable Data and Verifiable Results

PulseIQ’s patented mesh-network thermostats help properties become more efficient and proactively detect and solve in-unit problems. We save you time and money while driving bottom line growth and increasing resident satisfaction. Our easy to deploy and fully managed solution quickly pays for itself.
Improved NOI & Property Value
Greater Operational Efficiency
Improved Resident Satisfaction
Lower Maintenance Costs
More Competitive Advantage

Modern, Affordable, Easy to Install, Use, Manage and Save

Make data driven decisions about your HVAC operations

Are You Missing Out on Energy Savings?

Multifamily properties with central HVAC systems can reduce energy use by as much as 30% PLUS receive utility rebates where available.


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“PulseIQ’s thermostats give us the ability to easily see how the HVAC is working inside the apartment units. From their website, we can easily spot problems before tenants even notice them and without the need for manual inspections. We’ve seen significant energy and operational savings at the property.”


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“In evaluating our HVAC and utility expenses year over year, we realized we needed a modern solution to help us control our energy costs and better manage our HVAC assets. PulseIQ’s service has been exceptionally professional and proactive.”


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“PulseIQ’s analytics gave us user-friendly visibility and insights to help us better manage our HVAC operations at Wood Lee Arms Apartments. We have saved a significant amount of money and our HVAC system is running smoothly!”


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High Voltage? No WiFi? No Problem!

PulseIQ’s thermostats are built to control fan coil units and convectors typically found in buildings with two-pipe hydronic plants. These systems are not compatible with other smart thermostats which require low voltage and WiFi, something older buildings don’t have. PulseIQ has solved this problem. Our thermostats run on high voltage (2 or 3 wires) and don’t require any WiFi or other IT infrastructure whatsoever!

Smart Technology to Increase Appeal, Drive Operational Efficiency and Fuel Growth

PulseIQ’s innovative network technology provides unrivaled data and insights from inside each residential unit. Our thermostats create a mesh network of sensors with no Wi-Fi needed from the building or units. All of the data from our thermostats is securely sent to the cloud, and is accessible and manageable through a simple web-based user interface (UI).

See real-time and historic HVAC data by unit and across the whole property

Curb overconsumption by setting global thermostat set point limits

Monitor humidity levels to reduce liability from mold claims

Improve communications by pushing messages from UI to the thermostat screen

Identify energy waste (i.e. open windows or space heaters)

Set alarms by text, call, and/or email

Proactively spot mechanical malfunctions and avoid costly overtime repairs

Fine-tune your central plant to maximize energy efficiency across the HVAC system

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86% of millennials and 65% of baby boomers will pay more for smart device equipped rentals

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Each poorly performing fan coil unit can cost an extra $500/year

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Multifamily buildings waste 30% of the energy they consume

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PulseIQ delivers verifiable energy and operational cost savings with unrivaled data from inside every residential unit. Clients can save 30% or more on in-unit HVAC energy expenses plus receive utility rebates where available.

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