patented mesh network technology

Traditional Wi-Fi networks can be a bottleneck for large-scale IoT deployments. They struggle with security vulnerabilities, limited device capacity, and expensive infrastructure upgrades. Our innovative, long-range monitoring solution shatters these limitations, offering unparalleled freedom and scalability for your connected devices. Introducing EquipIQ. Your equipment, smarter.

Proprietary Encrypted Communication: Stand alone, proprietary encryption eliminates additional system vulnerabilities vs connecting to WIFI.
Fewer devices and minimal wiring mean lower installation and ongoing maintenance costs. Line-of-sight is not required for installation, reducing complexity and setup time.
  •  Network Independence: Freedom from existing Wi-Fi infrastructure eliminates concerns about security vulnerabilities, bandwidth limitations, compatibility issues, and expensive upgrades.

Why Equipment Must Become Smart

Focus On What Each Does Best

  • Encrypted Proprietary Communication: Proprietary encryption offers a layer of security against unauthorized access, and not relying on shared networks minimizes hacking risks.
  • High Device Capacity: Supporting up to 1000 devices per gateway is impressive, making it suitable for dense IoT networks.
  • Extensive Coverage: One Gateway can cover expansive spaces, such as a large warehouse. Our solution provides excellent coverage capabilities for previous areas which were difficult to cover.