New Orleans Energy Benchmarking Power

Unleashing the Power of New Orleans Energy Benchmarking: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our definitive guide to New Orleans Energy Benchmarking, an innovative approach designed to help building owners optimize energy use and unlock opportunities for improvement. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the intricate workings of this critical program and the immense benefits it offers to the New Orleans community, ranging from cost management to environmental stewardship.

Understanding the Process of New Orleans Energy Benchmarking

The New Orleans Energy Benchmarking initiative operates through four fundamental stages:

  1. Collection of Data: The initiative begins with building owners across New Orleans providing comprehensive data related to their energy use, covering different sources such as electricity and natural gas.
  2. Assessment of Data: The data collected is thoroughly examined to gauge the energy efficiency of each building. This stage is pivotal for identifying potential areas of inefficiency that could benefit from enhancement.
  3. Comparison with Benchmarking Norms: The analyzed data is then contrasted with existing benchmarking norms, allowing property owners to compare their building’s energy consumption with similar properties within New Orleans.
  4. Implementation of Efficiency Measures: Armed with this critical information, property owners can devise and execute strategies to improve energy efficiency. Such strategies could involve improvements in insulation, installing energy-efficient lighting, or making use of renewable energy sources.

Benefits of Participating in New Orleans Energy Benchmarking

Here’s why joining the New Orleans energy benchmarking initiative is a wise move:

  1. Cost Management: Spotting inefficiencies and deploying targeted improvements can result in considerable savings in energy costs.
  2. Environmental Responsibility: Lower energy usage equates to a smaller environmental footprint and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Increased Property Value: Buildings demonstrating high energy efficiency often fetch higher market values, thus attracting potential tenants and purchasers.
  4. Community Prestige: Participation in the city’s energy benchmarking program bolsters New Orleans’ image as an environmentally proactive community, fostering community pride and collective responsibility.
  5. Economic Advancement: The initiative stimulates investment in energy-efficient technologies and services, thereby generating employment opportunities and boosting the local economy.

The Dedicated New Orleans Energy Benchmarking Portal

New Orleans provides a dedicated online platform that equips building owners with all necessary information relating to energy benchmarking. On this portal, property owners can join the program, submit data, obtain benchmarking reports, and receive advice on enhancing energy efficiency. This unified system streamlines the process, ensuring all data is safe and current.

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Benchmarking in New Orleans

  1. Who must comply with New Orleans Energy Benchmarking?

All buildings over 10,000 square feet within New Orleans are obligated to conform to energy benchmarking regulations.

  1. What happens if I don’t comply with the New Orleans Energy Benchmarking regulations?

Non-adherence to the program’s reporting requirements may result in penalties or enforcement actions.

  1. Is there a specific deadline for submitting energy benchmarking data in New Orleans?

Yes, all data must be submitted by the designated deadline each year. The present deadline is June 1st of every year.


New Orleans Energy Benchmarking offers a wealth of benefits, from cost savings and environmental responsibility to community pride and economic growth. By simplifying the process and providing building owners with invaluable data and resources, New Orleans is making significant progress towards a more energy-efficient future. This program acts as a beacon for other cities to follow in their quest for a greener tomorrow.

For more information and specific compliance deadline dates, visit the official Government website. Let us all contribute to creating a sustainable future for New Orleans and beyond. Together, we can make a difference. Keep benchmarking!




Explore the significance of New Orleans energy benchmarking, its pivotal role in advancing sustainability, and how it empowers individuals and businesses to make informed choices for a greener future. Dive into our comprehensive guide now.


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