Multifamily Energy Efficiency – Achieving Your Energy Goals and Improving Your Bottom Line

Wednesday, 2/2/22

}1pm EST

Do you own or operate an apartment or condo building in DC or Maryland? Join a team of leading energy experts to learn how you can easily achieve your energy goals and improve your bottom line. We will share:

  • Legislative updates on Benchmarking and Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) and how to comply
  • Tips and tricks and innovations for smart energy management to save energy and money while improving resident satisfaction
  • Details on how to cut through the red tape and get financial incentives to make your building more energy efficient

Meet the Speakers


Emily Curley
Commercial Energy Program Manager, Montgomery County Dept. of Environmental Protection

Tina Jenks
EmPower Maryland Account Manager, ICF

Chet Knaup, PE
President, Spectrum Energy, LLC

Andrew Zimdahl
CEO, Honeydew Energy Advisors

Adam Landsman, CEM, AMS, CMCA
President, Pulse IQ

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February 2nd | 1pm

PulseIQ’s mission is to serve multifamily properties with reliable, impactful, and innovative energy efficiency solutions. We help real estate management companies and property owners increase profitability and improve their tenants’ experience by utilizing the power of data and analytics to make buildings smarter and more efficient.

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