Des Moines Energy Benchmarking Program

Harnessing the Power of Energy Benchmarking: Des Moines‘ Green Revolution

In the heart of the American Midwest, Des Moines, Iowa, is setting remarkable benchmarks in the realm of sustainability. The city’s Energy Benchmarking initiative is a testament to its commitment to creating an energy-conscious future. This comprehensive program focuses on the meticulous accumulation, evaluation, and contrast of energy consumption data across various buildings, thus paving the way for an eco-friendly future for the city and its inhabitants.

Why Energy Benchmarking Matters in Des Moines

Energy Benchmarking in Des Moines transcends mere administrative tasks. It has far-reaching implications for every facet of city life:

  • Nurturing Environmental Responsibility: By tracking and curtailing energy usage, Des Moines is making a pivotal contribution to reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Boosting Economic Sustainability: The Energy Benchmarking program allows commercial and residential building owners to pinpoint energy waste, take corrective measures, and realize substantial savings on energy bills.
  • Encouraging Transparency: The initiative promotes accountability by making energy usage data accessible to the public, thereby motivating businesses to invest in energy efficiency.
  • Ensuring Compliance: The Des Moines Energy Benchmarking program complies with local energy conservation laws, illustrating the city’s dedication to sustainable governance.

How Des Moines’ Energy Benchmarking Program Works

The energy benchmarking program in Des Moines is designed to be straightforward and efficient for building owners. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

  1. Data Collection: Building owners amass a record of their energy consumption, including electricity, natural gas, and other forms of energy.
  2. Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager: This data is then fed into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, a free online tool for tracking and comparing energy usage.
  3. Annual Benchmarking Report: Building owners are mandated to disclose their benchmarking data to the city every year.
  4. Data Analysis: The city uses this data to discern energy usage patterns and uncover opportunities for enhancing energy efficiency.
  5. Educational Support: Des Moines offers various resources and educational materials, aiding building owners in making informed energy efficiency decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who must participate in the Des Moines Energy Benchmarking program?

Commercial, multi-family, and municipal buildings larger than 50,000 square feet are required to participate.

  1. What is the annual deadline for data submission in Des Moines’ Energy Benchmarking program?

Benchmarking data must be submitted annually by May 1st.

  1. What if a building owner doesn’t comply with the benchmarking program in Des Moines?

Non-compliant building owners may face fines and penalties.

  1. What advantages does energy benchmarking offer to Des Moines building owners?

Benchmarking facilitates the identification of inefficiencies, reduces energy costs, and can potentially increase property values.

Energy Benchmarking in Des Moines: A Model for Sustainability

Des Moines’ commitment to energy benchmarking signifies its pledge to an eco-friendly future. By monitoring energy consumption and continually implementing improvements, the city reduces its environmental impact and offers substantial savings for businesses and homeowners. Its practice of transparency and adherence to regulations sets it apart as a pioneer in sustainability efforts.

The Des Moines Energy Benchmarking initiative serves as an exemplary model for other cities. With a collective effort and a shared vision of a greener future, we can pave the way towards a more sustainable, healthier, and prosperous world.

For more detailed information about the Des Moines Energy Benchmarking program, please visit the official government website.




Delve into the Des Moines Energy Benchmarking program and its role in fostering a sustainable future for the city. Discover how this initiative benefits businesses and property owners.

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