DC 3rd Party Verification

PulseIQ is helping hundreds of properties in Washington, DC comply with the DC Department of Energy and Environment’s (DOEE’s) new third-party benchmarking data verification requirements. The dedicated BEPS staff at the DOEE has been working tirelessly to run the program and provide support to buildings subject to the BEPS law. However, the third-party verification requirement has proven a challenge for both DOEE and the buildings that are reporting to them. Recognizing this reality, the Mayor and Council pushed back the reporting deadline by 90 days, moving it from April 1st to July 1st.

Even with the extension, over a third of buildings have not submitted their third party verifications to DOEE as of July 3rd. PulseIQ has been working hard to help our clients navigate the complexities of the law. As we approached the July 1 deadline, we saw DOEE was, and remains, overwhelmed. Case and point, when we submitted a ticket to DOEE this week to request changes to a property’s benchmarking data, this is the form letter response we received from the City:

In our conversations with DOEE, warning letters will go out but they are not currently concerned about companies actively working to complete the process. PulseIQ has a great relationship with DOEE and we remain in constant contact with them for our clients as we wrap up our DC third party work for this year.

PulseIQ is committed to completing our third-party verification work as soon as possible. We’re prioritizing clients based on the order in which they engaged our services, along with the completeness of the information provided. We fully understand that everyone wants to meet the July 1 deadline, but in reality, this is not a hard and fast requirement. DC will take several weeks to review the flood of submissions they’ll be receiving in the coming weeks. Once that’s complete, their normal enforcement process takes at least 2-3 months and entails several rounds of letters and warnings before they can begin any enforcement actions. In practice, clients have until the early fall before there’s any penalty risk.

The bottom line: PulseIQ is working hard to get everyone’s verification work completed as soon as possible. Due to DC’s process, there’s still plenty of grace period time left.

As always, we’re here to help existing clients and new clients who may be hearing about this third-party verification requirement for the first time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can call us at 301-215-2100 or email us at benchmarking@pulseiq.com. We’re here to support you every step of the way.