Benchmarking for Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) in Washington D.C.

Maximizing Building Efficiency With PulseIQ’s Benchmarking Solutions

We understand that building owners and operators face a wide array of challenges when it comes to managing energy performance, maintaining safe and efficient buildings, and following state and local compliance codes. That’s why we offer many energy efficiency solutions in Washington D.C. and beyond based on our benchmarking for building energy performance standards (BEPS) platform that can help you save money on energy, meet regulatory requirements, and provide a better experience for your residents.

Washington DC Third Party Authentication

Starting in 2024, Third Party Authentication will be required for the energy benchmarked facilities. This step is being taken to ensure accuracy and compliance and your energy benchmark reports will need to be verified by a third party every three years. The third-party verifier must be an Approved District Data Verifier and PulseIQ is here to help. Please call or complete the contact us form for more details.

Mandatory Compliance Made Easy

In many jurisdictions, building owners are required to comply with energy performance standards and report on their energy use. Benchmarking is currently mandatory for buildings greater than 25,000 sq. ft. in Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, and soon to be statewide in Maryland.

According to the Maryland Department of the Environment, “The Maryland Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 requires that the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) develop Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS).” This applies to covered buildings in Maryland that are 35,000 sq. ft. or larger, excluding parking garage areas. Historic buildings, elementary and secondary schools, manufacturing facilities, and agricultural buildings are exempt. Owners of covered buildings will be required to report data to the Maryland Department of Environment every year beginning in 2025.

This can be a terribly time-consuming and complex process, but with our energy efficient benchmarking solutions in Washington D.C., compliance becomes easier and more manageable. Our platform can automatically collect data on energy use and benchmark your building’s performance against established standards, making it easy to demonstrate compliance to regulators.

Are You Missing Out on Energy Savings?

Multifamily properties with central HVAC systems can reduce energy use by as much as 30% PLUS receive utility rebates where available.


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“PulseIQ’s thermostats give us the ability to easily see how the HVAC is working inside the apartment units. From their website, we can easily spot problems before tenants even notice them and without the need for manual inspections. We’ve seen significant energy and operational savings at the property.”


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“In evaluating our HVAC and utility expenses year over year, we realized we needed a modern solution to help us control our energy costs and better manage our HVAC assets. PulseIQ’s service has been exceptionally professional and proactive.”


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“PulseIQ’s analytics gave us user-friendly visibility and insights to help us better manage our HVAC operations at Wood Lee Arms Apartments. We have saved a significant amount of money and our HVAC system is running smoothly!”


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A Specialized Path for Your Property

PulseIQ can perform ASHRAE Level I and Level II energy audits to help building owners and operators gain a deeper understanding of their buildings’ energy use and identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made. Our ASHRAE Level I energy audits are a great starting point for building owners who want to understand how their building uses energy. We’ll do a walkthrough of the building, review energy bills and operational data, and conduct a basic analysis of energy use. This initial audit can identify low-cost measures for energy savings, which can help building owners in Washington D.C. save money through energy efficiency.

Our ASHRAE Level II energy audits are for those really serious about optimizing their buildings’ efficiency! These are more thorough and comprehensive than Level I audits, and involve a detailed analysis of energy consumption, a review of building systems and operations, and development of energy-saving recommendations with an estimate of implementation costs and savings.

Our energy audits provide building owners with a step-by-step strategy for prioritizing saving energy, money, and tracking progress over time. By using these audits, you can identify areas where improvements can be made and save money on energy costs while reducing your environmental impact.

Save Money and Energy

Of course, compliance is just one part of the property equation. Your main desire as a property owner is to save as much money as possible and keep your residents happy and healthy. Our benchmarking solutions can also help you save money on your utility bills by identifying areas where you can improve energy efficiency. By analyzing your building’s energy use patterns and identifying opportunities for improvement, we can help you reduce your overall energy consumption and lower your costs.

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86% of millennials and 65% of baby boomers will pay more for smart device equipped rentals

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Each poorly performing fan coil unit can cost an extra $500/year

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Multifamily buildings waste 30% of the energy they consume

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A Responsible Property Owner With PulseIQ’s Benchmarking Solutions

Finally, by using PulseIQ’s benchmarking solutions, you can position yourself as a responsible property owner in Washington D.C. who prioritizes energy efficiency, as well as safety and sustainability. Our wireless leak detection system, for example, can help you identify and address potential safety hazards before they become a problem. And our energy performance benchmarking can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and compliance with regulatory requirements. These two systems will enable your residents and potential tenants to view you as someone who cares for and respects their residents and the environment.

Get Started With PulseIQ’s Benchmarking Solutions Today!

At PulseIQ, we’re committed to helping building owners and operators in Washington D.C. to maximize their energy efficiency and save money. Whether you’re looking for wireless leak detection or energy performance benchmarking, our solutions have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our benchmarking solutions and schedule your appointment for an energy audit.

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